Huckestein Mechanical Services, Inc.

Wendy Staso possesses unshakeable integrity, strong values and incredible resolve. She accepts nothing less from those with whom she works, elevating the individuals and businesses she touches. She believes in doing the right thing even when it is unpopular or difficult. She believes in sacrifice and demonstrates that in her personal and professional lives through her volunteerism, work ethic, and dedication to faith and family. She is a persistent perfectionist, always looking to reach the next level of performance for herself and her business. Her pursuit of success is relentless – existing in the small details and the master plans.
It is with this spirit that Wendy assumed the helm of Huckestein Mechanical Services in 2010, believing it to be a stable, profitable business in need of fresh ideas and direction. She planned to use her managerial experience and personal moxie to refine and grow the operation. Within three months however, she unearthed the truth – she had inherited financial losses, mounting debt, lacking processes and a badly damaged brand. In the face of this adversity she fell back on her character. She chose to focus on her assets – highly skilled technicians, versatile designers, industry knowledge, and loyal customers – and assess her gaps. She set about reorganizing and evaluating the operation to determine profitability and performance. Wendy then surrounded herself with the best talent available to address the deficiencies, better educate herself and further the goals of her business.

Being an HVAC industry newcomer, she was not constrained by history or how things should be done. She didn’t let her status as the only woman-owned and operated contractor in a male-dominated, union industry deter her. Nothing was off limits. It was, and continues to be, a time of unprecedented change yielding record improvement and profitability.
Today the company provides value to customers throughout the design – build – service– operations continuum. Their integrated design and delivery model is a highly collaborative, fully integrated process built on trust, mutual respect, teamwork, innovation and creative problem solving, a clear departure from the traditional construction model utilized by most contractors today.
Wendy’s advice to others looking to start or grow a business: “Find your passion, trust your gut, and surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are.”
Wendy’s success at Huckestein would not have been possible without Enterprise Bank. During the first year of her tenure, the bank that held the company’s financing put them in forbearance, giving them 6 months to find a new bank. Wendy was connected to Dave Miller, then to Mark Hansen, and Enterprise has been a reliable banking partner ever since.
Mark Hansen describes Wendy as “very determined and capable. When she lays something out she puts it in motion to make it happen. We believed in her vision when her other bank wouldn’t and she has proved herself over and over again.”
When asked how he feels seeing the success that Huckestein has had and knowing that he’s been able to play a part in it, Mark replied, “It’s very satisfying… it’s great when you can see a business owner able to stay ahead of the curve and do well after facing difficult times.”
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