Enterprise Bank Subsidiary Spotlight: EBC-Bookkeeping

When you think about Enterprise Bank, the first thing you will probably think of is the banking aspect; financing, accounts, loans, and all sorts of financial tasks. What you probably don’t know is that Enterprise Bank has many different subsidiaries that operate within the bank, but also outside of the bank. One such subsidiary is the Bookkeeping Subsidiary, which is part of Enterprise Business Consultants, run by our very own Michael Drop. I asked Michael to describe what they do, “In short, we provide timely and accurate financial information to small businesses so that they can make informed business decisions. The work can be done at our offices or at the client’s site, whichever they prefer. We enforce the Relationship Manager Concept by providing clients of the bank who use our services with financial information that they can discuss with their RM, which enhances the RM’s role as a trusted advisor. But what really sets us apart from other bookkeeping firms is our ability to utilize different software programs and integrations to help clients gain information more efficiently, accurately, and at lower cost, which in turn adds value to their business.” Clients can access our bookkeeping subsidiary whether they are a client of the bank or not, which makes this a truly unique concept.


To learn more about the bookkeeping subsidiary you have to learn more about the people that work there. The man who makes it happen is Michael Drop. Michael has his undergraduate degree in accounting from IUP and just recently finished his Masters of Accounting at Chatham University. Michael developed his love of helping small businesses during an internship at a small firm he says, “After working with the firm’s clients I realized I enjoyed helping small businesses and knew that’s where I wanted to go with my accounting career.” Michael has been with the subsidiary for almost 2 and a half years. Over that time he’s gotten to do accounting work for clients in a vast array of industries and recently expanded his abilities into business development and client prospecting. Michael doesn’t operate the ship alone, though, he has a strong team that works with him. When asked about his team he said, “There are 4 people that work for the bookkeeping sub, including myself. We have Linda Hall, who has been working for the company for almost 8 years and has over 30 years of accounting experience in various roles for different companies. Our newest addition, Ryan Sweeney, is a recent graduate from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He’s been working hard for the past couple months and is eager to take on new clients! Last, but not least we have Debbie Kirk, who works out of the Kuzneski & Lockard office in Indiana. Debbie is a valuable asset to our firm as she has over 20 years of accounting experience.” Kuzneski & Lockard is a real estate subsidiary of the bank that operates out of Indiana, Pennsylvania. I asked Michael if he could tell me a bit about some of his newer clients that he’s been working with. Currently he’s doing some part-time controller work for a non-profit school that teaches infants to 6th grade. While the school has a full-time bookkeeper, sometimes a person in that position may not necessarily have the accounting knowledge needed to prepare accrual based financial statements. Michael also assists the school in a number of smaller projects when they need his help. I asked Michael what he’d like for potential clients to know about the bookkeeping sub. He responded honestly, “I want people to know about the value that we can add to their businesses. I’d like to not be ruled out as a good fit for a potential client since our service packages are fully customizable we can be a good fit for almost any client’s unique situation. The only way to find out if we’re a good fit is to schedule a FREE consultation, call (412)753-8956 if you know someone who would benefit from our services, and if you’re not sure if they will benefit don’t hesitate to call me and we can discuss what we can do to help them!” To learn more about Enterprise Bank please visit us at www.enterprisebankpgh.com or give us a call at (412)487-6048.